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VIQUA is the world’s largest supplier of residential and light commercial UV water disinfection systems, providing safe water without the use of chemicals.

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We support VIQUA on an ongoing basis through focused UX and technology improvements. Our work with VIQUA started in 2013 with the addition of tools to help customers find dealers while giving dealers the ability to create and maintain a public profile on the site.

In 2015 VIQUA underwent a rebrand and a simplification of their offering and the way they communicate with customers. As part of this ongoing transition we’ve helped VIQUA create focused pathways that align with user goals while streamlining the product discovery process.

Our role

1. Strategy and planning
  • Recommend effective ways to provide information to customers, keeping in mind the existing technical infrastructure.
  • Monthly support planning and alignment with business goals.
2. Design
  • Wireframing.
  • Rapid interface design and implementation.
3. Validation
  • Usability testing.
4. Developement
  • Preparation of prototypes and interfaces for development by internal resources at

Project management

Weekly, in-person check-in meetings are used during active projects with supporting update calls employed as necessary.

Project timeline


Team’s project team consists of project management, UX research, design, front-end development, and back-end development.

Simplified product discovery

Usability testing helped us understand how users interpret water problems and how they go about finding solutions to those problems. We repurposed a large portion of the home page to facilitate product discovery according to sensory responses like colour, smell, and appearance and known problems like bacteria and chlorine.

VIQUA Homepage Design
VIQUA Product Discovery Design

Accurate product selection

Finding the right water treatment solution for an entire home is a process most consumers aren’t familiar with. We created a stepped experience that allows customers to select their location, water treatment source, household size, and water quality issues. From here, we recommend the right range of products for the customer’s unique needs.

Where to buy

To help diagnose needs and provide recommendations for UV water treatment, filtration, and pre-treatment solutions, it’s important that VIQUA make the connection between consumers and dealers as easy as possible. The ‘Where to Buy’ experience uses geolocation to instantly display the six closest dealers. Users can also search using postal/zip code, city, and/or country.

VIQUA Where to Buy

However small, ongoing UX improvements can have all kinds of returns that might not typically be realized until the curtain is pulled back on a big redesign. Continuously delivering UX enhancements reduces the risk associated with large releases, allows us to seek feedback from real users faster, and offers incremental and continuous increases in value.

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