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Mobile product design

Created specifically for youth, Swob is a mobile-delivered marketplace for temporary and part-time employment opportunities.

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Our relationship with the Swob founders started in a coffee shop around sketches and a rough concept. Founders Stephanie and Alex knew where they wanted to go but weren’t sure where to start or how to navigate the process of building an application that would form the foundation of their business.

We recommended a brief, six week engagement to take the Swob concept from our initial sketches to an interactive prototype. The prototype allowed us to perform usability testing quickly and was valuable as a third-party developer was engaged down the road.

Our role

1. Strategy and planning
  • User flow design
  • Recommendations on acquiring new customers and the job postings necessary for the app to succeed
  • Business model consultation
2. Design and prototyping
  • Wireframing
  • Rapid interface design and implementation as a functional prototype
3. Validation
  • Usability testing

Project management

Informal status updates and as-needed meetings and calls worked perfectly for this brief engagement.

Project timeline

6 weeks


Our project team consisted of UX and interface design leads.


We love solving big problems in small ways. With Swob, this meant starting by mapping an in-app journey with as few steps as possible and transitioned to an interface with familiar patterns and simple controls.

Swob screenshots Swob screenshots Swob screenshots Swob screenshots Swob screenshots

Feature clarity

Offering a simple and valuable feature tour or tutorial helps increase early engagement while introducing key product concepts. Starting from the opening screen, we designed a four-step sequence that mixes function-focused and benefit-focused messages. Each screen in the sequence gives new users an option to enter the onboarding flow.

‘It truly was a pleasure working with the team. They took our vision and brought it to life and we couldn’t be happier.’
- Alexander F, Swob Founder
Swob screenshots Swob screenshots Swob screenshots


What happens right after download can make or break an app. For Swob, it was important that we personalized the product to surface only the most relevant jobs. The active onboarding process we designed helps registered users see suitable opportunities and increases the likelihood that they’ll find the right fit and turn to Swob again.

Building a product-based business like Swob from the ground-up can be costly and high-risk. Taking a prototype-first approach lowers the initial financial burden of software development and provides an opportunity to test and validate the concept early on.

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