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Loyalist College

Public website overhaul

Loyalist College delivers programs and services for close to 3,000 full-time and 12,000 part-time students each year.

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Loyalist College

After being selected by Loyalist we immediately set to work on a number of research initiatives, including participatory discovery sessions with current and future students, analytics reviews, secondary research reviews, and stakeholder interviews.

We look for common threads in our research findings that can be extended to the delivery of a design approach, technical feature, or content decision. In the case of Loyalist it was obvious that, as a small school, there was a misconception about student life and living (and learning) in Belleville.

In the participatory discovery sessions it became evident that a centralized, college-wide calendar of events was a necessity. The three most common responses from the discovery session were related to events/dates, getting in touch, and finances. Of these three, event-related responses accounted for over half of all suggestions.

Events as a priority

Traditional calendar design doesn’t translate well to the web. We designed a full-width, colour-coded component to bring prominence to this important feature.

Screenshot of Events section
Screenshot of Program Detail page

Program detail pages

Program detail pages are as important in PSE as product detail pages are in e-commerce. Our design solution brings rich content to the forefront with key conversion points beneath.

Responsive design

Visits from mobile devices to the Loyalist site are doubling year over year. We used responsive design to provide the best experience to desktop, mobile, and tablet browsers.

The Loyalist project marked our departure from a traditional project process to a lean model. Large projects with numerous audiences, stakeholders, functions, and content types require an approach where core components and prototyped, validated, and completed faster.

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