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London Health Sciences Centre

Virtual orientation production

Nearly 10,000 new cancer patients are referred to the London Regional Cancer Program every year.

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London Health Sciences Centre
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We started our journey with the London Regional Cancer Program in 2010 with a virtual orientation project aimed at taking newly diagnosed cancer patients through a typical first visit at the clinic. The project helps familiarize patients with the services available at LRCP, explains the physical layout of the building itself and offers practical information about what to expect upon arrival for their first visit, through various treatment modalities, and after treatment.

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We conducted patient research to help build our story before producing content and ultimately bringing everything together in a way not common among cancer treatment organizations. Our goal was to look to people who had actually gone through the cancer treatment process to tell us what was important to them and how a project like this could make it easier for future patients.

Mockup showing First-person Video

First-person video

Full-screen, first-person video enhances the viewing experience and creates the level of intimacy and familiarity necessary to help ease anxiety and effectively answer questions.

Colour-coded interfaces

The Orientation includes sections for patients preparing for treatment, patients undergoing treatment, and patients transitioning from treatment. Each section is colour-coded and easily accessible through a master navigation system.

Photo showing the parking map screen Photo showing the file navigation

Supporting content

In addition to video, patients are able to access related files and a map of the parking lots at the clinic.

Ask first, design second. Speaking directly with patients allowed us to simplify and focus our approach by creating content that answered very specific questions. In some cases, the information provided by patients wasn’t covered in our sessions with clinic staff. It’s easy to overlook what’s important when it’s part of your everyday.

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