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High Sierra

E-commerce design and development

Since 1978, High Sierra has been committed to creating durable, affordable products with distinctive details, delivering the freedom to go anywhere.

High Sierra

In 2013 High Sierra was acquired by Samsonite Canada, a long-time client of ours.  When it came time to reinvent their newest brand in the digital channel Samsonite handed us the reigns and allowed our creativity to drive the project from start to finish.

Generating revenue from online sales and drawing foot traffic to retail stores were the primary objectives of the project. The interface and front-end processes were designed to facilitate and streamline the online sales experience; displaying valuable information that allows the customer to make an informed and intuitive decision while having an enjoyable experience. Advanced CSS and HTML practices were employed to deliver subtle front-end animations that enhance the user experience and showcase content in interesting ways.

Meaningful interactions

Animations are used throughout the site to hide and show relevant information and guide shoppers through the purchase process.

Tablet view of shipping information screen Phone view of shipping information screen

Systems integration

Inventory and shipping information is sent and received through a custom integration with Samsonite’s business operations software.

Platform extension

The High Sierra product and content management system is an extension of a pre-existing platform we developed for Samsonite Canada and American Tourister.

Product description page

Brands must maintain a visual identity that connects with the target audience. Even though High Sierra is part of the Samsonite family it was critical that the interface communicate an adventurous, outdoor feel.

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