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Golf Canada

Interactive map interface

The Canadian Golf Hall of Fame (CGHF) celebrates all aspects of the game of golf in Canada,including the social and economic impact of the game and the outstanding individuals in Canadian golf.

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Golf Canada
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Our work on this non-traditional interface was built around the idea of allowing a prototype to shape features and future development phases. Starting with a prototype allowed us to quickly and clearly demonstrate functionality well before features were built.

Our role

1. Design and prototyping
  • Rapid interface design based on rough requirements
  • Interactive prototype development
2. Validation
  • Usability testing
3. Developement
  • Preparation of prototypes and interfaces for development by internal resources at

Project management

Weekly check-in meetings were used for ongoing coordination and status updates.

Project timeline

5 months (represents actual production time spread out over a longer span).

Team’s project team consisted of project management, UX research, design, front-end development, and back-end development.


Usability testing revealed that without direction, users didn’t completely understand this new concept and needed assistance to make the most of the experience. The brief onboarding process we created explains the map concept and gives suggestions on how to access interesting data points.

Interactive timeline

We used an interactive, self-playing, and user-controlled timeline to show the growth and expansion of golf across Canada. Allowing the timeline to play creates an animated experience where golf grows from Ontario and outwards east and west. Users can choose to stop at any time, or navigate to any year, to see the state of courses at that time. Course markers on the map are interactive and reveal a preview of the course detail screen.

Golf Canada Interface Golf Canada Interface

Course detail views

Each golf course in Canada has an interesting story to tell. From championship tournaments to famous pros we needed to make sure the course detail view was capable of telling these stories. Each detail page includes course information, media, a map, important events, and the ability for visitors to share their personal experiences with the course..

A prototype really is worth a thousand meetings. We were able to quickly and easily communicate features and key user journeys by building out early design work as a functional prototype. The prototype gave us something to build on right away and allowed us to make significant progress in the early stages of this project.

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