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College of New Caledonia

Public website redesign

The College of New Caledonia (CNC) provides post-secondary education through its six campuses in northern BC, serving an area that spans 117,500 square kilometres.

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College of New Caledonia


Our engagement with the College of New Caledonia was collaborative from start to finish, including onsite workshops, remote presentations, and regular calls and messages among team members.

Our role

1. Research
  • Analytics review
  • User interviews and testing
  • User personas
2. Strategy
  • Stakeholder workshop facilitation
  • UX recommendations
  • UX principles
3. Content
  • Content audit (2000+ pages) and recommendations
  • Information architecture and tree testing
  • Writing and editing
3. Design
  • Interface wireframes
  • High-fidelity interface design
  • Design guide

Project management

Informal status updates and as-needed meetings and calls worked perfectly for this engagement.

Project timeline

14 months

Team’s project team consisted of project management, UX research and strategy, and design.

This was a large, important project for CNC. The new website was timed to coincide with the launch of a new brand identity, migration to a new CMS, and migration of staff-related content from the public site to a new intranet. offered not just UX research, design, and technical expertise, but experience managing the complexities and risks of high-stakes projects.

Stakeholder alignment

The project kicked off with an onsite workshop at CNC’s main campus in Prince George, BC, attended by a diverse group of stakeholders from multiple campuses and departments. Later, facilitated onsite collaborative sketching sessions and presented UX recommendations remotely to CNC’s leadership group.

CNC empathy mapping
CNC website design screenshot CNC website design screenshot CNC website design screenshot CNC website design screenshot

Expediting program discovery

Our PSE UX research continually points to the importance of a clear and multi-directional path to specific program information. Starting from the home page or main navigation, prospects are able to quickly find and use the program selection screen. Discovery-friendly sections on the program selection screen mimic a familiar mental model while related programs at the program detail level help encourage continuous exploration.

CNC website design guide CNC website design guide CNC website design guide

Design guide worked with the new identity to create a detailed UI guide. In the guide, UI components are supported by foundational UX principles to help educate future decision-makers outside of the immediate project team.

Great user experiences can't be designed without collaboration. Critical work for large organizations requires a skilled (and skillfully managed) "team of teams" working together toward the same goals.

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