UX Workshops

Learn, align, and decide.

Workshops and facilitated sessions are a great way to overcome pivotal project hurdles. A day or two of intensive collaboration can mean the difference between decisive action and months of deliberation and debate.

Workshops are high value, low risk, and can be scheduled quickly. Workshops are also flexible and easy to customize. Res.im has experience facilitating strategy, stakeholder alignment, design, and research sessions.

What types of UX workshops do you offer?
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What types of UX workshops do you offer?

Every team is different and so are the challenges they face. We can customize a workshop to achieve specific objectives in many areas including:

For what type of project should we schedule a UX workshop?

UX workshops are best utilized at the start of a new project or feature to answer high level questions ensuring the next steps you take are in the right direction.

What are the benefits of UX workshops?

Workshops help cultivate shared understanding, vision, stakeholder alignment, and momentum around clear decisions. They can be designed to solve a specific problem, validate assumptions, better understand your customer or to test new ideas. Answering these questions early moves your project forward with fewer surprises, less uncertainty, and more success.


Deliverables vary change depending on the workshop but typically include digitized versions of any artifacts created (journey maps, etc.), and a brief report summarizing high-level takeaways and next steps.


1 week +


Starting at $2,000+

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Hire us to help align your team, kick-off a project, or move everyone toward solving a sticky problem.

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