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Frequently asked questions

How do I know when I need UX research?

You might benefit from UX research if:

  • You’re considering new opportunities and ideas that might involve a website or application.
  • You’d like to do a better job of measuring how your product is performing.
  • You’d like to optimize your current website or application in order to improve its value and usability.
How does UX research benefit my project?

UX research is our secret weapon. It informs strategy and design and ensures the decisions we make together start with what's best for your customers and for your business.

When should research begin?

Research typically begins early in a project and runs concurrently with other planning, kick-off and ramp-up activities to avoid extending the overall timeline. We also do research on an ongoing basis, in tandem with continuous or agile design and development cycles.

What kind of research services do you offer?

Most of our UX research is qualitative and involves user interviews, contextual inquiry or field studies, and concept testing. We use quantitative methods like surveys and analytics reviews to help identify where challenges or opportunities might exist.

How many participants do I need?

There isn’t a generally accepted formula to determine qualitative sample size, but it’s likely smaller than you think. Creating a product from scratch involves speaking to slightly more people, whereas determining how to optimize an ecommerce checkout process, for example, could be done with fewer participants.

By not perscribing a rigid sample size we’re able to stop asking the question once we aren’t learning anything new.

“Res.im's research-driven approach has led to a much more user-friendly, modernized web layout and higher customer satisfaction overall.”
- Christina Pageau, Supervisor, Marketing Operations, StarTech.com

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