User Research

Understand user behaviour, needs, and motivations.

The biggest and most-overlooked project risk is building the wrong thing. Contrary to opinion, research doesn't lead to analysis paralysis or wasted time. Good user research cuts down the total time and money required to build a successful product or service.

What do your research services include?
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What do your research services include?

We help you understand your customers and create a plan for providing them with a valuable, satisfying, and memorable user experience. Our wide variety of research services include Wireframing, Usability Testing, Surveys, interviews, Strategy, UX Workshops, User Journey Mapping, Information Architecture, usability audits, analytics reviews and task analysis.

When should research begin?

Research typically begins early in a project and runs concurrently with other planning, kick-off and ramp-up activities to avoid extending the overall timeline. We also do research on an ongoing basis, in tandem with continuous or agile design and development cycles.

How does user research benefit my project?

User research is our secret weapon. It informs Strategy and Design and ensures the decisions we make together start with what's best for your customers and for your business.


Deliverables could include; surveys, recordings, detailed recommendations, data visualized through charts and graphs, task-based personas, experience and/or journey maps.


3 weeks +


Starting at $15,000.00

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