The internship: week one and a busy 2015

I learned a lot in my first week at but one thing really stuck out: This is a very busy place.

The people at work hard to create and produce some  amazing things. With so many resources committed to producing excellent products on a tight timeline, often the story of these creations gets lost as the work piles up and time moves on.

My name is Benjamin Burns, a recent university graduate and intern at Coffee replenishment jokes aside, one of my main goals is to ensure the wonderful story of is told. Over the next month I’ll be collaborating with staff to produce content that is both interesting and exciting for our clients and supporters, while showcasing some of the projects we are involved in. I hope to learn as much as possible while casting a spotlight on the talented team here.

For my first blog post I wanted to speak briefly about my experience during my first week working at My journey began on the Sunday before my internship start date as I packed up my life in Peterborough, Ontario and made the four hour journey to London.

I was ecstatic, though nervous, to begin my internship with a new company in a new city. My nerves were somewhat settled on Monday morning when I had a chance to meet the team and set up in their offices. I was pleased to discover a friendly and extremely inclusive culture amongst the staff. It was refreshing to meet a group of talented, driven individuals who were excited about the work they were producing and generally seemed to enjoy each other’s company. Everyone made me feel very welcome (despite my status as a lowly intern and lack of technical knowledge) and seemed generally interested in getting to know me.

This sense of community is further strengthened by the confidence and trust each employee seems to have in one another’s abilities. Within my first few days of working with the staff it was apparent I was caught up in something truly special.

Over the next month you can expect to see an increased presence online as I work in conjunction with others to produce staff bios and project stories, while also giving clients and prospective employees alike a glimpse into our company’s unique culture through social media. In addition to my blog posts, expect guest posts from experienced and established industry experts from with topics ranging from their personal work to industry trends.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter and connect on LinkedIn for further information on job postings and business happenings.  As this company continues to move forward I want to help ensure the journey is documented and our voice is heard. I hope you’ll join for what is shaping up to be a pretty incredible 2015.


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