Revamping the LHSC Cancer Treatment Virtual Orientation

Much has changed since we launched the first version of the London Regional Cancer Program virtual orientation in 2010. Namely, the adoption of smartphones has grown considerably and with it rendered Flash playback a thing of the past.

When the LRCP approached us about producing new video content we took the opportunity to rebuild the entire platform using HTML5. Starting from scratch allowed us to enhance accessibility and gave us a chance to redesign the interface while applying responsive design to provide an optimized mobile viewing experience.

lhsc-post-pic1 Content from the original module is still in use but has recently been integrated with a more complete experience including information on chemotherapy, radiation, and transitioning after treatment.

As with the original module, we conducted patient research to help build our story before producing content and ultimately bringing everything together in a way not common among cancer treatment organizations. Our goal was to look to people who had actually gone through the cancer treatment process to tell us what was important to them and how a project like this could make it easier for future patients.


Now complete, the LRCP virtual orientation helps familiarize patients with the services available at LRCP, explains the physical layout of the building itself and offers practical information about what to expect upon arrival for their first visit, through various treatment modalities, and after treatment.


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