A natural commitment

Every year for the past 20 years or so, I’ve spent time canoeing and camping in the Ontario backcountry. I love the challenge that comes with stepping away from the conveniences of my very connected everyday life. The required planning, organization, physical work, and the time outdoors with friends (save for one solo trip) speak to me like not much else does.

Canoe on a lake in The Massasauga Provincial Park

As these trips have grown to include my kids, the connection with nature becomes not only of the values of preparation, adventure, and adaptability, and friendships, but of family.

Being in nature is also an escape. The lakes appear clean, the forest healthy. There’s very little visible pollution and it’s easy to get comfortable with the idea that maybe the planet isn’t in trouble. I understand, however, that our living world, the very foundation for everything we do and will do, is facing crisis.

The escape I mentioned earlier? That’s for me. The hard work and planning are for me. The feeling of being surrounded by nature is for me. I’m gaining more than I give at a time when the planet needs everyone to give.

So, instead of continuing to take from the planet without giving much in return, and with full support from the team here, I’m excited to launch a program that will guide how this business supports positive environmental change. Our actions are built on three pillars:

  • Financial donations
  • Volunteering
  • Creating awareness

Financial donations

We commit to donating 1.5% of top line revenue annually to local, national, and international non-profit organizations with a mandate to conserve and protect the environment.


Team members will be given time during work hours to volunteer with local, conservation-focused organizations.

Creating awareness

Each year we’ll help create awareness around an important and under-represented environmental conservation issue. In most cases this will take the form of pro-bono work on websites and other digital experiences.

Because we value transparency and accountability and because we are our actions (not what we say we’ll do), our activity in the above areas will be shared throughout the year and in an annual report.

Our annual revenue is well under a million and we’re currently a team of four. Our contribution may be small, but change won’t happen if we sit around and leave it to those bigger than us. I believe in the ability of thousands of small organizations and millions of individuals as a force for change.

Here’s to leaving things better than we found them.


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