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A natural commitment

We're supporting the conservation of our natural world through financial donations, volunteering, and creating awareness.

Eliminate guessing, not clicks

Even though the 3-click rule is an unsupported, arbitrary guideline, it’s not something to simply brush off as inaccurate.

Tips for facilitating a card sort

Card sorting is a simple, fast, and user-focused design exercise that helps organize and structure data. With proper facilitation, card sorting reduces the guesswork typically involved in activities like information architecture design.

Tips to encourage new ideas in collaborative sketching

In collaborative sketching, some participants might need a push in the right direction. Learn how to encourage new ideas with your team.

Three Ways to Make the Most of Collaborative Sketching

Collaborative sketching can bring out a lot of great ideas. Need to know how to make the most of it? Read Jonathan Kochis' suggestions for facilitating an effective session.

How business rules affect user experience

UX belongs to the user. It’s how they feel. It’s their experience and how what you've designed makes them feel. We can influence UX but we can’t control it.

Considering macro cognitive load in user experience design

Ensuring your users aren't feeling overwhelmed or overloaded is important, especially with mobile applications.

International students and self-identification on PSE websites

Res.im hypothesizes, tests, and elaborates on some of our findings about how International Students use PSE websites.

Trying new things: augmented reality edition

Trojan Technologies & Res.im experiment with augmented reality, and learn how it can provide value in the water disinfection space.

Large websites and the importance of a prototype

Focusing our efforts on creating prototypes for everything we do, and evolving those prototypes on a sprint-by-sprint basis, hasn’t been perfect. But by choosing progress over perfection we’re finally seeing results.

DoGo mapping in the UX planning process

Processes are meant to be broken. Wait, that's not right, but processes and planning do need to be fluid and able to adapt. Curious where to start? Learn more about what helps Jonathan Kochis.

LRCP Virtual Orientation earns Webby nomination

Earning a Webby Nomination for our work with LCRP (a part of LHSC) is something the Res.im team is very proud of.

Making our own mini goal light

While waiting for some parts to arrive for an internal project at Res.im, I had an opportunity to revisit and experiment with some technology that I had only managed to find time to run demos with.

An experiment with designing in the browser

Designing for websites has its challenges. Read about what Res.im faced when trying out a new approach to design.

Revamping the LHSC Cancer Treatment Virtual Orientation

Virtual orientations can provide a lot of value. Here, LHSC was able to help familiarize patients with services and explain the layout of the building.

A warm welcome to Broward College

An exciting project comes in from Broward College. Learn how a previous project was shared with the right person to get this ball rolling.

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