Writing by Brian Frank

The simplest way to improve user surveys

We get asked for user survey advice a lot. We find ourselves offering the same, simple piece of advice.

How we do design and usability audits

Design and usability audits are among the most important things we do at Res.im. Here's how we approach them.

User research vs. market research

User research and market research do a lot of similar things but come from different backgrounds, suited to different situations.

UX survey design: why and when to run a user survey

Surveys can be fairly easy to do, but also easy to do poorly if you’re not careful. But no user research method is always right (nor always wrong).

Why are some doors so difficult?

There’s a place near our office with notoriously terrible doors. I watched people use them and tied the results to basic usability and design principles.

Embracing agility in user research

The most adaptable research is a process of continuous discovery — not by planning poorly but as a natural response to evolving questions and needs.

How to get the most out of usability testing

Usability testing is a pivotal part of UX design. To make sure you get value from usability tests there are certain things you need to do, regardless of the type of test.

Jobs to Be Done in the Student Journey

Understanding people’s underlying needs is always essential. This is especially true as the scope of digital experience goes beyond selling to become a more integral part of the products and services being offered.

Five questions to ask before building anything

The greatest risk in any project is building something people won’t use. Skipping research turns your whole project into a research cost.

What does digital mean? A brief history

Virtually every industry is building layers of digital user experience around its products and services. And digital continues to mean different things to different people.

Usability testing and age diversity

Usability testing can feel intimidating for the facilitator and the users. Hear more about our experience with age diversity and how it can differ.

What does a UX researcher at Res.im do?

Are you curious about what a UX Researcher does, and how it can help your business/project? Read about what a day in Brian Frank's shoes looks like.

Beyond the "death" of web design

As web design evolves, the need to have a user-focused website grows. Read Res.im's UX researcher's insight about staying relevant.

Experimenting with Jekyll

How does Jekyll stack up? A Res.im developer, Heather, helps to explain some of the advantages and disadvantages of the flat-file site.

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