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Kathleen Oliver

Kathleen Oliver


As a UX researcher, Kat draws on her natural empathy, strong communication skills, and endless curiosity to uncover valuable user insights, backed by data. She has a love of learning, and uses her diverse background in product, communications, and marketing roles to provide creative solutions to client needs.

Hometown: Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico Family road trip
Half Moon Run concert; live music feeds my soul
Morning run and vitamin C intake at Harris Park Wakeboarding near Port Loring

Kat lives to spend time in nature and is most happy as a ‘first mate’ enjoying Lake Erie and beyond with friends and family. As an avid reader and podcast lover, Kat is always looking to learn and share new perspectives and ideas at work and at home.


Why you should engage stakeholders in the research process

Hearing, understanding, and internalizing are not one and the same when it comes to UX research insights and best practices. Engage stakeholders in the research process to get the buy-in you need.

How and why to test your usability interviews

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