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Jonathan Kochis

Jonathan Kochis


Jonathan is’s seasoned UX leader and strategist. He’s been around large web projects since 2002 before starting in 2006 and Treble Apps in 2014. He is UX Certified by the Nielsen Norman Group and has worked directly with clients including global brands like 3M, Samsonite, and Staples, early-stage start-ups, and large public sector institutions.

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Jonathan’s ideal week includes cycling to the office every day, a win in men’s recreational hockey, and giving a rousing speech to the minor lacrosse team he coaches. When not outdoors, Jonathan is happiest sketching an interface, running a prototype usability test, or giving a talk about UX and design.

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Jonathan Kochis at UX Research Toronto - March 2018
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Jonathan Kochis at UX Research Toronto
March 2018

Jonathan is available for speaking engagements and can cover topics including UX leadership, UX and marketing, and understanding UX.

Please email or call (519) 936-6674 for more information.