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Diana Caballero

Diana Caballero

Design is blessed with a multi-talented, multi-lingual, multi-faceted designer in Diana Caballero. She received a Bachelor of Graphic Design in Mexico, studied editorial design in Barcelona and has specialized in digital interfaces since 2012.

Hometown: Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico Family road trip
Half Moon Run concert; live music feeds my soul
Morning run and vitamin C intake at Harris Park Wakeboarding near Port Loring

Diana enjoys the simple pleasures in life like friends and family gatherings, spending time outdoors, trying a new work out and delighting her palate with adventurous food. At work, she’s happiest when brainstorming solutions to new challenges and delivering well before deadline.


Public website redesign

Find out how we helped Alberta’s third-largest post-secondary institution with research, design, and usability testing.

Mobile product design

We used rapid design, prototyping, and usability testing to help this startup validate their product and get to market faster.

Your Workplace
Web repositioning, design and development

Find out how we helped this health and wellness organization evolve their digital presence.


Research makes me a better designer

The days of designers being handed a brief and disappearing to work in isolation are over. Involving designers in research and researchers in design decisions gives everyone the opportunity to expand their skillset and make informed decisions on behalf of the user.


Diana Caballero at UX Talks 002 - November 2016
Watch video
Diana Caballero at UX Talks 002
November 2016

Watch Diana’s talk about finding design inspiration in nature, through every day life, and by documenting our emotions.