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Brian Frank

Brian Frank

UX Research

Brian is a multi-disciplinary researcher with a deep knowledge of human behaviour. His skillset includes quantitative and qualitative research methods, strategy, project management, facilitation, usability testing, information architecture, and copywriting.

Semi-organized LEGO blocks on the floor from a weekend play session A pile of Post-It notes for organizing ideas and tasks
Brian in front of Fallingwater, a house designed by one of his favourite architects
Barbecued breakfast on the deck, because sometimes the best things are the most familiar done differently Some of the notebooks Brian has filled with research

Prior to Res.im, Brian was a research manager at an IT firm, where he specialized in organizational change, roadmapping, and project portfolio management. In 2010, Brian authored a book about pragmatic approaches to economic and social uncertainty through technology-enabled change.

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Public website redesign

Find out how we helped Alberta’s third-largest post-secondary institution with research, design, and usability testing.

Durham College
Public website redesign

Find out how we helped this post-secondary institution with a facilitated, consultative approach.


The simplest way to improve user surveys

We get asked for user survey advice a lot. We find ourselves offering the same, simple piece of advice.

How we do design and usability audits

Design and usability audits are among the most important things we do at Res.im. Here's how we approach them.

User research vs. market research

User research and market research do a lot of similar things but come from different backgrounds, suited to different situations.

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Brian Frank at UX Talks 001 - April 2016
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Brian Frank at UX Talks 001
April 2016

Brian is available for speaking engagements can cover topics including the psychology of user experience, why and how to do UX research, and managing uncertainty in strategy and design.

Please email brian@res.im or call (519) 936-6674 for more information.