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We’re a team of UX researchers and product designers trusted by clients big and small to discover and capitalize on new ideas.

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We thrive when working on mission critical digital products.

We understand the importance of mobile apps that underpin the success of a start up. Or enterprise software that supports critical functions in a large organization. Or a website that is the primary revenue source and touchpoint for an institution, brand, or business.

It’s our job to ensure these products are valuable, usable, accessible, and appealing.

Our team

Jonathan Kochis
Research and Design
Jonathan Kochis
Kathleen Oliver
Kathleen Oliver
Diana Caballero
Diana Caballero
Chantel Wong
Project Management
Chantel Wong


  • Incorporated in 2005. Launched full-time in 2006.
  • 100% independently owned and operated.


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Helping our planet

Our planet is facing a crisis and we believe in doing everything we can to support the protection of our natural world.

Here's how we're doing our part

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By donating 1.5% of sales revenue to conservation-focused non-profit organizations.

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By giving each team member time during work hours to volunteer with local, conservation-focused organizations.

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By using our internal resources to create awareness around threats to the conservation and health of our planet.

Because we value transparency and accountability and because we are our actions, our activity in the above areas will be shared throughout the year and in an annual report.

Sharing what we learn

We believe in the value of UX and design and take responsibility for giving our community the opportunity to learn and grow as we do.

Our contribution is measured and includes hosting and sponsoring events like UX Talks and Explode Conf., speaking about our experiences in UX, and supporting local groups like Ladies That UX.

Ladies that UX
UX Talks
Explode Conf
Jonathan Kochis at UX Research Toronto - March 2018
Watch video
Jonathan Kochis at UX Research Toronto
March 2018
Diana Caballero at UX Talks 002 - November 2016
Watch video
Diana Caballero at UX Talks 002
November 2016
Brian Frank at UX Talks 001 - April 2016
Watch video
Brian Frank at UX Talks 001
April 2016

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